We protect livelihoods and well-being of our people through outreach, community-projects, and research.


The Pykôre Association is an indigenous organization that works with the Mẽbêngôkre-Kayapó village of Djorodjo (previously A’Ukre) to design initiatives that strengthen the sustainability and well-being of the community and their lands. Our work strengthens and develops programs that value our culture, language and tradition and assist with governing our natural resources through sustainable programs. Our people live in the Kayapó Indigenous Land, a bioculturally diverse landscape of forest and cerrado environments in southeast Para, Brazilian Amazon. Our lands suffer from diverse threats, including invasions, squatters, roads, hydroelectric dams, and mineral and timber exploitation. Our objective is to protect our livelihoods against development that is inappropriate and unsustainable, but we cannot achieve our goals alone.

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